Plain English communications improve your business outcomes.

  1. Increased productivity. Plain English is up to 50% faster to read.
  2. Reduced error rates. The job is done properly and safely.
  3. Increased compliance. Managers and employees are more likely to act on clear, concise communications. 
  4. Efficient processing. Plain English forms reduce customer and employee frustration.
  5. Increased confidence. Professional communications show your organisation values quality.


Are you tearing your hair out trying to fit writing quality content into your already busy schedule?

Capital letters: avoid these 3 common errors
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Capital letters: avoid these 3 common errors

Misuse of capital letters may not only be grammatically incorrect but could make your meaning unclear. Too many initial capitals can also be distracting for the reader and make your writing appear amateurish. Using initial capital letters correctly will increase readability and enhance your personal and professional credibility.

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