User guides

Poorly translated or highly technical user guides can confuse and frustrate your customers, ultimately costing you money. Ineffectively written user guides may even cause personal injury or damage to the product. In turn, this could affect the reputation of your brand.

Having your user guide professionally written or edited will help ensure:

  • damage from misuse of the product is minimised
  • personal injury to your customers is minimised
  • reduced time answering questions that should be answered in the user guide
  • a more professional image of your company.


‘If you use Noname Food Processor 2.0 as normal processor, then it is wrong. This product not only can help family needs but Chef in restaurant or cafe can also use this Product to make many dishes. (37 words)’

Why is this example weak? It doesn't tell the reader specifically what the food processor can be used for. It also contains grammatical errors and has a negative tone which implies the user of the manual could have faulty thinking. 


‘This high-performance, professional-quality blender is suitable for home use as well as in the professional kitchen. It can be used to puree, chop, mince, grind, slice, grate, mix, whip or knead.’ (31 words)

Why is this example strong? Fewer words contain more meaningful content – it gives the reader specific information about what the blender can do. It is written in positive language focused on what the food processor can do, not what the reader shouldn’t do.

Note:  All ‘weak and strong’ examples used on the Concise Writing Consultancy website are fictitious and not examples from past or existing clients.

How can a professional writer or editor enhance your brand?

We can help you produce professional and customer-friendly user guides by:

  • converting poor translations into clear and correct English
  • writing clear, easy-to-follow instructions
  • devising engaging headings
  • adopting a consistent style 
  • adopting an engaging tone that will appeal to your audience
  • structuring sentences and paragraphs correctly
  • refining and polishing the final draft.

To find out how Concise Writing Consultancy can add clarity to your user guides, call us on 02 9238 6638.