Plain English communications improve your business outcomes.

  1. Increased productivity. Plain English is up to 50% faster to read.
  2. Reduced error rates. The job is done properly and safely.
  3. Increased compliance. Managers and employees are more likely to act on clear, concise communications. 
  4. Efficient processing. Plain English forms reduce customer and employee frustration.
  5. Increased confidence. Professional communications show your organisation values quality.


Are you tearing your hair out trying to fit writing quality content into your already busy schedule?

Pick a noun, any noun
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Pick a noun, any noun

You may have heard the grammatical term ‘noun’ and know that it names a person, place or thing. But did you know there are several different types of noun? If you think knowing about nouns will make no difference to your writing, this blog will open your eyes to a whole new bag of writing tricks.

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