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About us

We love words

We love words – finding exactly the right word and moving the words around on the page to create the greatest impact. We are also sticklers for grammar and ensuring documents are correct and consistent.

Our real passion is to help our clients create written communications that focus on the readers’ needs and that achieve the best possible results – words that are a pleasure to read.
– Patricia Hoyle, Founder of Concise Writing Consultancy

Facing a complex world

In an increasingly complex world, there is an urgent need for simplicity: clear, simple, easy-to-read business communications that get to the point. This is not only essential for productivity, but also for our wellbeing.

Employees and managers often feel overwhelmed by the volume of written communications they need to read – emails, websites, procedures, blogs, newsletters and text messages. If the information we have to process is complex and poorly written, productivity decreases. We become stressed and our ability to do our job is compromised.

The value of simplicity

Simplicity in business and government writing can help us manage the deluge of written information.

Good writing is about economy of words and making sure every word counts. Good writing is about taking control of the clutter of words and making a conscious choice to write in clear, precise language – plain English. It’s about cutting back the wordiness to reveal the important message hidden in the text. It’s about creating order out of chaos.

By simplifying our business and government writing we are respecting our reader, our clients and our prospective customers.

Clear writing helps us all. It’s good for us; it’s good for business; and it’s good for the world.

Join the growing number of organisations simplifying their written communications.

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