Case studies

High quality newsletter projects a professional image

‘We have had a very positive response to our Thinking Ahead newsletter – a result we would not have achieved without the high standard of editing and professional finish provided by Concise Writing Consultancy. An added value is that the consultancy manages the whole newsletter production process for us from editing articles through to coordinating proofreading and graphic design.'

Graeme Blockley, CEO, National Association, Bentleys

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Bringing academic research to the public eye

‘Having our research briefs rewritten in plain English, and graphically designed to make them more visually appealing, has made our research more accessible to a wider audience and has made it more prominent. Concise Writing Consultancy offered a fast and efficient service.’

Professor Jeff Bennett, Crawford School of Public Policy, ANU College of Asia and the Pacific, Australian National University

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Plain English letter elicits a huge response

‘Council had an enormous response to the letter and the exhibition with over 3000 submissions received. This is the greatest number of submissions ever received in relation to a planning exhibition in Shoalhaven. The assistance provided by Concise Writing Consultancy ensured that the letter was written and formatted to be clear and easy-to-understand for all landowners.’

Marie-Louise Foley, Senior Strategic Planner, Shoalhaven City Council

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Capability statement sets a high benchmark

‘Concise Writing Consultancy added greater value to our capability statement than we anticipated. Initially we simply wanted someone to correct the copy and apply a basic layout. Concise Writing Consultancy was very thorough in their approach and came forward with suggestions that gave the capability statement a much stronger impact. The combination of professional editing and layout literally transformed our statement.’

Gerald Agar, TCQ Business Manager

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