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The Crawford School of Public Policy wished to make their research findings easier to read and understand for a lay audience as well as the media. In some cases, the requirement to translate research abstracts into language more accessible language.

Work completed

In addition to editing research abstracts, the Crawford School contracted Concise Writing Consultancy to write a series of reports about catchment management authorities (CMA) in New South Wales. For the CMA project, a Concise Writing Consultancy technical writer researched and prepared an original draft for each of the four reports, in consultation with the Crawford School and CMA chair people. Following Crawford School approval of the draft, a Concise Writing Consultancy editor refined the report. Finally, our partner graphic designer applied layout to the report to make it more appealing to readers.



‘Having our research briefs rewritten in plain English, and graphically designed to make them more visually appealing, has made our research more accessible to a wider audience and has made it more prominent. Concise Writing Consultancy offered a fast and efficient service.’

Professor Jeff Bennett, Crawford School of Public Policy, ANU College of Asia and the Pacific, Australian National University

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