Capability statement sets a high benchmark

TCQ case study imageTCQ Construction

Innovative heritage, commercial, industrial and residential construction.


A mid-tier construction company with a strong track record of major construction projects including the Powerhouse Museum and Sydney Fire Station, TCQ Construction needed a capability statement to do justice to the high standard of their work. TCQ contacted Concise Writing Consultancy to edit and lay out their draft content to give the company greater visibility in an extremely competitive industry.

Work completed

The capability statement included information about the company as well as images and descriptions of past projects. Before editing the copy provided by TCQ, we consulted with the TCQ business manager about their target audience and preferred tone for the document. We then extensively edited the copy provided by TCQ, and wrote some new copy, to produce a polished and professional finish.


‘Concise Writing Consultancy added greater value to our capability statement than we anticipated. Initially we simply wanted someone to correct the copy and apply a basic layout. Concise Writing Consultancy was very thorough in their approach and came forward with suggestions that gave the capability statement a much stronger impact. The combination of professional editing and layout literally transformed our statement.’

Gerald Agar, TCQ Business Manager

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