Plain English letter elicits a huge response

200resized Shoalhaven Case StudyShoalhaven City Council


Council recognised that to increase their chances of a strong response from their letter informing the public about their new Local Environment plan they needed to write a plain English letter encouraging landowners to view the plan and make submissions to Council.

Work completed

Council prepared a draft letter which Concise Writing Consultancy re-wrote in plain English. Council had already planned a focus group to elicit feedback about their new website. They used this opportunity to allow residents to comment on the letter. On the basis of this feedback, the final draft of the letter was amended.


‘Council had an enormous response to the letter and the exhibition with over 3000 submissions received. This is the greatest number of submissions ever received in relation to a planning exhibition in Shoalhaven. The assistance provided by Concise Writing Consultancy ensured that the letter was written and formatted to be clear and easy-to-understand for all landowners.’

Marie-Louise Foley, Senior Strategic Planner, Shoalhaven City Council

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