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Communicate clearly and concisely with professional editing

What is professional editing?

Whether your document needs a complete rewrite (substantive edit) or your final draft needs refining (copyedit), our professional editors will give you peace of mind your communication complies with Australian writing and editing standards.

We produce high-quality workplace documents including:

  • reports
  • annual reports
  • fact sheets
  • procedures
  • newsletters
  • articles
  • writing style guides
  • information sites.

When can you benefit from a professional editor?

  • If you work in an environment of information overload.
  • If documents are poorly structured (brain dumps).
  • If your publications contain complex sentences and bureaucratic language.
  • If you have become too close to the subject matter through multiple redrafting.
  • If you receive enquiries for explanations of written content or websites or other
  • If grammatical or typographical errors have cost you money or embarrassment.
  • If you are not getting the results you need.

Not sure whether you need a professional editor? Call us on 02 9238 6638 for guidance.