Professional editing for high-quality publications

Workplaces have become increasingly reliant on the written word from emails to standards and procedures, to reports and websites. With this emphasis on written communication, many employees and managers are experiencing information overload often resulting in personal stress and lower productivity.

To increase productivity and efficiency, it is essential that communications are clear, concise and focused on the reader’s needs.

The editing solution

A professional editor highly skilled in English grammar and the effective use of words can add enormous value to your written communications. Whether your document needs a complete re-write or copy editing to refine your final draft, our professional editors will help you get the results you need from your written communications.

We produce professional, easy-to-read documents by ensuring:

  • clear, concise content
  • logical structure
  • appropriate use of headings and sub-headings
  • correct paragraph structure
  • appropriate tone that reflects your brand
  • appropriate terminology for the audience
  • an engaging and consistent writing style
  • correct spelling and grammar
  • correct use of punctuation and apostrophes
  • correct use of acronyms, italics, capital letters and inverted commas.

When can you benefit from a professional editor?

  • If you work in an environment of information overload.
  • If documents are poorly structured (brain dumps).
  • If your publications contain complex sentences and bureaucratic language.
  • If you have become too close to the subject matter through multiple redrafting.
  • If you receive enquiries for explanations of written content or websites or other publications.
  • If grammatical or typographical errors have cost you money or embarrassment.
  • If you are not getting the results you need.

Not sure whether you need a professional editor? Call 02 9238 6638 for an obligation-free assessment.