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You’ve been to the management development courses, you’ve honed your communication skills and you’ve proved your worth to your employer. But is your writing letting you down? You may be excellent management material, but if your writing is not professional enough, you may just miss out on that coveted promotion.

Good writing is essential in management positions

When going for a promotion to supervisor or management level, writing is an important skill that many people stumble on. Even if you’re in a highly technical field like IT, you will still need to communicate in writing (and I don’t mean code). You will need to explain to people in plain English why the system is down or why you need the organisation to transition to a new platform. As an IT manager you will have to write persuasive business case proposals to people who may have minimal technical knowledge or appreciation of the importance of what you’re proposing.

Small changes can make a big difference

Like many aspects of life, I believe that some people do have a natural ability in certain areas, including with words. I believe just as strongly that everyone can improve their writing skill given the right support and training. Even small changes, like learning how to structure an email or make your sentences shorter can make written communications significantly easier to read. Add good writing habits, like planning your reports and structuring them in a logical sequence, and you’ll be well on your way to that promotion.

It’s not too late to get your writing on track

In our writing training workshops, we come across many people who have gone through school without learning how to structure a sentence or when to use a comma or full stop. You may have learned how to write a short story but not an email; you may have written essays about Shakespeare plays or studied 19th century English poets, but never learned how to write a report or a procedure. And it probably wasn’t just because you were away that day or daydreamed in class.

At Concise Writing Consultancy, we help people at all levels in government and private organisations improve their writing with practical customised onsite writing training workshops and one-on-one mentoring. Through our mentoring program, we tailor your training to your specific needs, working with you on real reports or other communications you have to write at work. We also support supervisors so that they spend less time correcting, editing or re-writing their team members’ work.

In our highly technological workplaces, we may be coming closer to the paperless office that was promised back in the 80s. We may have more sophisticated and reliable voice recognition programs. Yet we still rely heavily on the written word at work. Taking the time and effort to improve your writing skills is an investment in your future that is well worth the effort.

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