Concise Writing Consultancy offers a complete service from planning your project and creating high quality content, to editing the final draft for a professional finish. We can also train your team in writing and proofreading skills, and English grammar.

We work on a broad range of corporate and government communications including:

We produce professional, easy-to-read publications ensuring:

  • clear, concise content
  • logical structure
  • appropriate use of headings and sub-headings
  • correct paragraph structure
  • appropriate tone that reflects your brand
  • appropriate terminology for the audience
  • an engaging and consistent writing style
  • correct spelling and grammar
  • correct use of punctuation and apostrophes
  • correct use of acronyms, italics, capital letters and inverted commas.

Not sure whether a professional writer or editor can add value to your written communications? Contact us for an obligation-free consultation on 02 9238 6638.