Fact sheets and brochures

Although it may seem an easy task to write a short brochure or fact sheet, in reality, conveying an effective message in a short space can be more challenging than writing a long report. The shorter the message the more weight each word carries; the less space you have to convey your message, the more focused your brochure or fact sheet needs to be.

How can a professional editor add value to your brochures and fact sheets?

Whether you have an idea and don’t know how to put it in writing, or you have a rough draft and need it edited into a highly professional print or electronic publication, our professional writers and editors can help. We will ensure each word is carefully chosen and placed to create the maximum impact.

We can help you produce a stunning brochure or fact sheet by:

  • preparing an audience profile
  • focusing your brochure or fact sheet on your key message
  • devising engaging headings
  • developing a coherent structure and logical flow of content
  • adopting a consistent style 
  • adopting an engaging tone that will appeal to your audience
  • structuring sentences and paragraphs correctly
  • refining and polishing the final draft
  • applying graphic design or layout.

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