Plain English rewriting

Communicating complex or technical information in plain English is essential if you are communicating to a lay audience. All government and many private organisations have a requirement to write in plain English. 

Plain English re-writing does not mean 'dumbing down' your content. It does mean translating complex content into language that can be easily understood by your reader on first reading.

Most people in the workplace use more complex language than necessary. Others are so familiar with the jargon of their industry, they find it challenging to write for a general audience.

How can plain English reports enhance communication?

Concise Writing Consultancy can help you produce highly readable reports and other communications in plain English by ensuring:

  • a logical flow of information
  • inclusion of easy-reading devices such as text boxes and bulleted lists 
  • informative headings and subheadings
  • clear and concise sentences
  • correctly structured paragraphs
  • technical terminology is explained
  • a consistent tone suitable for your audience and purpose
  • a professional and consistent style.

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