Web users want meaningful information and they want it fast. Yet many intranet and internet websites are overloaded with large slabs of complex text that is difficult to read on screen. Grammatical errors can also harm your professional reputation and affect your search engine rankings.

How can professional writing and editing increase readability of your site?

Concise Writing Consultancy can improve readability of your existing site by applying the basic principles of web writing to create easy-to-read and grammatically correct copy. We can help you by:

  • preparing an audience profile
  • creating a logical structure for your site
  • chunking text for maximum readability
  • devising engaging headings
  • adopting a consistent style throughout the site
  • adopting a tone that reflects your brand
  • structuring sentences and paragraphs correctly
  • structuring lists correctly
  • refining and polishing the final draft
  • correcting grammatical errors.

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