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Substantive editing

Transform your communications to achieve better results

What is substantive editing?

Substantive editing involves restructuring the content to ensure a logical flow then refining each sentence to ensure clear, concise and correct language.

How does substantive editing work?

You provide us with your draft content and we will thoroughly edit it to ensure:

  • the document has a clear aim and focus
  • the content follows a logical structure with no unnecessary repetition
  • the headings follow the correct hierarchy
  • headings are engaging and written in parallel structure
  • word choice is appropriate for the audience
  • sentences are structured clearly and concisely
  • bulleted lists have a correct and consistent grammatical structure
  • there is consistent style and structure throughout the document
  • acronyms and technical terms are used correctly
  • language is neutral and non-discriminatory.

When can you benefit from extensive editing?

  • If your document lacks a coherent structure and focus (brain dump).
  • If you tend to use more words than you need.
  • If your writing is difficult for others to understand.
  • If your written communications are not getting the results you need.
  • If you have tight deadlines and time does not allow for editing the document yourself.
  • If you do not feel confident about English grammar.

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