Individual coaching is an attractive alternative to training workshops. By identifying and prioritising the trainee's needs, coaching results in faster and more effective skill transfer to the workplace.

Supporting managers and supervisors

Managers and supervisors will find our coaching service an enormous asset when supporting staff members with writing challenges. We can help you achieve time savings by reviewing your team's work. We also offer an independent, objective opinion focused on writing skills rather than political agendas.

Personalised help for your staff

We can help staff at all levels with their:

  • ability to meet deadlines
  • ability to plan and structure documents
  • clarity and conciseness
  • confidence with writing tasks
  • English grammar and usage.

Coaching is conducted at our offices in the MLC Centre, Martin Place, Sydney.

To ensure our coaching is targeted to specific needs, we first assess writing ability and identify learning goals in line with the organisation’s standards and expectations.

How many coaching sessions will you need?

Coaching is intended as a short-term intervention to help employees and managers get their writing on track. Two, 2-hour sessions is often enough to meet immediate needs. For longer-term goals, or high-level writing support, we may recommend supplementing coaching with our mentoring service (provided via email). We may also recommend other options, such as outsourcing editing or proofreading tasks.

When can you benefit from coaching?

  • If you would like to increase the writing and editing skills of an individual team member.
  • If you cannot afford the time away from work to attend a workshop.
  • If your budget does not allow for outsourcing your writing or editing tasks.
  • If you would like a higher standard of writing skill.
  • If you would like to increase your confidence in writing and editing skills.

'I have used your lessons over and over in my own writing as well as suggesting changes for others. Using your structure of writing everything down first, leaving it for a day, and then going back to edit the sentence structure and grammar line by line is working a treat. By removing some sloppy habits and using these simple techniques, my report writing has improved in a big way.' Scott Dickinson, Program Evaluation Officer, NPS MedicineWise.

To find out how our coaching and mentoring services can help you achieve better results from your written publications, call us on 02 9238 6638 now.