Interactive workshops focusing on your needs

Concise Writing Consultancy's customised workshops will help your managers and staff:

  • manage writing deadlines more efficiently
  • produce emails, reports and other written communications to a higher professional standard
  • write clearly and concisely focusing on the needs of the reader
  • improve their English grammar.

All our workshops are conducted onsite at your premises for groups of up to 10 participants. We offer full- and half-day workshops.

When can you benefit from a workshop?

  • If you would like to increase the writing and editing skills of your team.
  • If your budget does not allow for outsourcing your writing or editing tasks.
  • If you would like to produce a higher standard of document.
  • If you would like to increase your team’s confidence in writing and editing skills.
  • If you have 8 or more team members who need to be trained.

About our workshops

Essential Writing Skills: Creating Clarity

A one-day information-packed business writing skills workshop.

Employees and managers often struggle to meet deadlines and write clearly and concisely. In this workshop, participants are given practical tools to make their writing easier to read to achieve a more powerful result. Participants discover the key to managing their writing time more efficiently and learn to write effective letters, short reports, emails, web text and fact sheets. They will come away from the workshop with tips of the trade to convert wordy sentences into clear and concise language.

Suitable for all staff.

‘The workshop was absolutely fantastic. The staff really enjoyed it and it will certainly make a difference to our communications.’ Kirsten Shannon, Manager, The Gambling Treatment Clinic, The University of Sydney.


Essential Report Writing Skills: Getting Results

A one-day intensive workshop focused on planning, structuring and writing clear reports.

The outcome of a report often depends on how effectively it is written. Participants learn how to write effective introductions, conclusions and executive summaries. They will take away a simple, yet highly effective technique to write recommendations that are specific, measurable and actionable. Participants will also learn how to structure their report to create a logical flow and write clear, concise sentences.

Suitable for managers and other staff who need to write reports.

‘Thanks again for the course. I found it one of the most relevant report writing courses I have done and particularly enjoyed the clear presentation of simple hints.’ Benjamin Rouvray, Principal, Pells Sullivan Meynink, Engineering Consultants.


English Grammar 

An optional 1-hour add-on module that answers common grammar questions.

Poor English grammar can lead to communication breakdowns and a poor organisational image. This module gives participants some basic and essential rules of grammar including use of apostrophes, dashes and hyphens, commas and colons.


Essential Proofreading Skills: A Professional Finish

A practical half-day workshop to help your staff reduce errors and achieve more professional results.

Lack of time and a laid-back approach to checking often results in embarrassing or costly errors. Our proofreading tool-kit will give participants simple and practical techniques to efficiently check their work for accuracy to achieve a professional finish.

Suitable for all staff.

'I loved the course and [Patricia Hoyle’s] teaching methods. The material was presented in a clear, easy-to-understand-and-follow manner – it was well-organised and easy to listen to. I have to admit that [Patricia’s] teaching methods stimulated my interest in a subject I really don’t like very much (English grammar).’ John Fejsa, Applications Development, Hunter New England Population Health

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