Plain English re-writing

Information overload is an increasingly common phenomenon in the workplace. Not only are we inundated with information, but much of this information is written in unnecessarily complex language.

What is plain English re-writing?

Plain English (also referred to as plain language) is simply language that is easy for the reader to understand. Plain English uses terminology that is appropriate for the audience and avoids jargon, clichés and ‘management speak’.

Plain English is not simplistic language; it is not ‘dumbing’ down. Even complex documents can be written in plain English.


Employees may engage a commercially hired rental car in the destination city for transportation purposes.


Employees may use rental cars.


The plain English re-writing solution

To ensure increased productivity and efficiency, the Australian Government and many private organisations have adopted a plain English policy for all their written communications.

To help you meet your plain English obligations, our expert professional writers and editors will help you translate wordy, bureaucratic writing into clear, concise language.

We will ensure your documents:

  • use appropriate terminology for the audience
  • have a coherent structure and logical flow of content
  • have an engaging and consistent writing style
  • use an appropriate tone
  • avoid unnecessary repetition
  • avoid buzz words and clichés
  • explain legal terminology and jargon
  • have correct spelling and grammar
  • use punctuation and apostrophes correctly
  • use acronyms, italics, capital letters and inverted commas correctly.

When can you benefit from a plain English re-write?

  • If you are producing publications for the public.
  • If you need to make government documents more readable.
  • If you need to communicate complex or technical information to a lay audience.
  • If you are producing publications for readers who have English as their second language.
  • If you are short of time.
  • If your documents are not getting the results you need.
  • If your written communications are resulting in lower efficiency and productivity.

Not sure whether your document meets international plain English standards? Call us on 02 9238 6638 for an obligation-free assessment.