Publications management

With an increasing number of versatile and sophisticated communication options at our fingertips, there is pressure on organisations to produce professionally written and visually appealing publications, from information brochures to annual reports.

If the publications process is not managed efficiently and effectively, costly and embarrassing errors can result. In turn, this will affect your organisation’s credibility and reputation.

The publications management solution

Concise Writing Consultancy can manage the entire production process for you from document concept through to writing, editing, graphic design, proofreading and printing. 

Our carefully planned and managed 9-step production approach takes many time-consuming tasks off your hands and ensures you are delivered with a professional, high-quality product.

  • Step 1 - Plan the right project
  • Step 2 - Plan the type of publication
  • Step 3 - Develop a project plan
  • Step 4 - Develop content (writing and editing)
  • Step 5 - Test content
  • Step 6 - Proofread
  • Step 7 - Coordinate graphic design
  • Step 8 - Arrange indexing (if required)
  • Step 9 - Arrange printing

When can you benefit from outsourced publications management?

  • If your organisation does not have a communications department.
  • If your communications department has a work overflow.
  • If you do not have publication management expertise.
  • If you have limited time.
  • If you do not have associations with good editors, proofreaders, graphic designers and printers.

For help managing your next publication, call Concise Writing Consultancy on 02 9238 6638.